Patient Testimonials

  • Great group of helpful and compassionate folks.

    Beverly Jorgensen

  • Great caring staff! Not a lot of fancy equipment but they get the job done! Great flexibility in scheduling.

    They get results!!

    John H. Smalley

  • Very friendly staff that know what they’re doing. Only had 4 sessions so far and feeling so much better!!!!

    Jim Beauchemin

  • I have been fighting extreme pain in my right knee which has kept me from riding my horse and playing golf this summer. Recently I broke my foot and ankle on my left leg. I just could not find any relief for the knee and now that I have to use it and crutches to support my right leg it was just to much…so finally the Doctor sent me to PT. I went to Tony at Family PT and in one session he used some type of massage that almost got rid of the extreme pain in my knee. Now other pain has cropped up but that is certainly more tolerable and I have full faith that in time that will diminish as well.

    I am a first time user of the aqua therapy. I am able to walk with both problem legs in the water without weight bearing so the pain is so much less and its building up and keeping my muscles in shape.

    If you look through the reviews you will notice most comment on how kind Tony is…and that is the perfect word for him. He is very kind…very knowledgeable and very down to earth… I recommend him and the aqua therapy…..!!

    Patty Reilly

  • So glad a friend reccomended Family Physical Therapy. Tony and the rest of the staff were so wonderful with my 9 year old. We’ll never go to another place!

    Aisha Jandreau

  • This place is incredible when my son broke his humerus at school the ortha pedic Dr said he will never have full motion in his shoulder again with out the best Pt.
    I was lucky enough to find family pt . My son worked many months with Tony doing what I thought was crazy stuff. Yes as a mom I questioned him well needless to say my son has 100% movement in him shoulder with no issues. Now my daughter she lost both of her legs above the knee at age 20 she is a bi lateral above the knee amputee. I searched for someone willing to work with her to get her up and walking again. It was going to be a long road with all her struggles I contacted family again and brought her in. She went from hating pt to loving it looking forward to all she got to do there. From learning balance playing the wi to climbing stairs. And working on all the diffrent machines
    She hated to walk and they turned it in to fun she loved it there. I can’t say enough good things about this place they have always gone above and beyond with all my family needs. Thank you to everyone at family pt . You guys are the best

    Cindy Laribee

  • Tony is the absolute best. He really cares about everyone who walks through the door and he helped me so much with my foot pain. He is a good human and amazing PT. I highly recommend him and the others in his practice. Trustworthy, kind, and he truly knows his stuff.

    Michelle Noehren

  • Clean office, technologically advanced. Caring staff, amazing physical therapists! Highly recommend!!

    Lori Ridolfi DeLucia

  • Outstanding care. Spur of the moment apts when needed. Tony and his staff are a cut above I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Kim Previti

  • Family Physical Therapy truly treats patients like family. The staff take time to continuously evaluate each patient and tailor a treatment plan to fit each person’s body and lifestyle. I highly recommend Tony and his staff to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    Kym Cianci

  • Family Physical therapy has helped me immensely over the past 8 years since I was diagnosed with a nerve disorder that makes nearly everything harder for me. Tony and his amazing staff have taken so much time and put forth the most effort to make sure their patients are comfortable and taken care of the best they can be! Not only does Family PT’s staff rock, but they also have a Hydrotank which is exceptionally hard to find in the area that can help with nearly anything! If you’re looking for a Physical therapist, Family PT is the place to go, promise!

    Erica Soboleski

  • So so grateful for my amazing medical team Terry Reardon, my ortho surgeon at Orthopedic Associates of Middletown and Tony Todt and company at Family Physical Therapy for providing the level of care that enabled me to get back on my feet way ahead of schedule. Abd Colchester I’m back next cycle, woo hoo. Thank you all.

    Vanessa Rosalez Brown

  • This is the place to go! Everyone is so nice and they do a wonderful job!!

    Denise Belmont

  • Truly a great place to go. The staff and Physical Therapist Tony are kind, courteous and knowledgeable. I have been suffering with pain for years and they have helped me when no other doctor could. I highly recommend this office to anyone who needs Physical Therapy.

    D. Anne Clark

  • I am often asked how I can complete multiple marathons and Ultramarathons with less than a month recovery in between. It isn’t as simple as staying off my legs. Prioritizing sleep, hydration, and nutrition immediately after a race is key, but more is needed. One of the most important steps to a full recovery is to hand my body over to the experts. For injury and race recovery, Family Physical Therapy has been my go-to for more than 7 years. Owner and lead PT, Tony Todt knows athletes and is a trusted with the region’s best high school and college athletes. Tony has been eager to get me to try his @hydroworx for months now, and I finally conceded after this past weekend’s Vermont100. After two sessions within a week of finishing the race, I am walking normally up and down stairs and can already complete some easy recovery runs without cringing pain.

    Coach LaBranche

  • Love Tony and the staff, made my 13 year old daughter with a patella knee injury feel comfortable, love the hydroworx. Couldn’t ask for a better Physical Therapist.

    Melissa Anne